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Providing support to the Open Research policy of the EU, some originally labelled as confidential project deliverables are shared. Shall your research activities need further collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us.

Deliverable Title WP Result
Objetives from Part B Download
D1.1 State of the Art WP1 Download
D9.1 Project website WP9 This website
D2.1 Architecture Definition WP2 Download
D2.2 Subsystem specification WP2 Download
D3.1 GNSS receiver design and implementation WP3 Download
D5.2 GNSS Network software implementation and test WP5 Download
D4.2 Development and validation of sequential UBS and NABS models WP4 Download
D6.2 System Validation WP6 Download
D6.3 AUDITOR System Integration and validation – Public WP6 Download
D3.3 GNSS receiver module validation - Public WP3 Download