Attendace to the UAV Expo Europe 2017

June 2017

Commercial UAV Expo is the leading trade show and conference for the commercial drone market, focusing on Process, Power & Utilities,Civil Infrastructure, Construction,Aggregates & Mining, Surveying & Mapping, Law Enforcement & Emergency Response & Search and Rescue (SAR) and Precision Agriculture

Attendance to the full conference and visit to the exhibition, review of the products/technologies for Precision Agriculture related to AUDITOR.

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Presentation of parts of WP4 at EGU General Assembly 2017

April 2017

EGU, the European Geosciences Union, is Europe’s premier geosciences union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences for the benefit of humanity, worldwide.

Presentation about results and outcomes of WP4.

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Paper presentation at Navitec 2016

December 2016

Navitec 2016 is the 8th edition of a navigation conference hosted by ESA in coordination with CNES, DLR, and the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.

The paper presented at Navitec 2016, summrizes the outcomes of the work done in WP1 (Deliverable D1.3).


Paper presentation at GWS 2016

November 2016

Global Wireless Summit is the world's largest conference on wireless technologies covering the latest advances in wireless communication technologies. This year's conference takes place in Aarhus, Denmark under the theme of Technology for the Betterment of Human Communication.


Paper presentation at ION GNSS+ 2016

September 2016

ION GNSS+ is the world's largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services. This year's conference will bring together international leaders in GNSS and related positioning, navigation and timing fields to present new research, introduce new technologies, discuss current policy, demonstrate products and exchange ideas.

AUDITOR partners presented the paper "Accelerating GNSS Software Receivers", and received the Best Presentation Award (Session A1: Advances in GNSS Software-defined Receivers).


Paper submission and acceptance to NAVITEC 2016

August 2016

Navitec 2016 is the 8th edition of a navigation conference hosted by ESA in coordination with CNES, DLR, and the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.

AUDITOR partners has received the notification of acceptance of a paper to be presented at NAVITEC 2016, to be presented at 14-16 December 2016.


AUDITOR SDR metting was held in Castelldefels, with the participation of all project partners


On July 20th, the System Definition Review meeting of AUDITOR was held in Castelldefels. All partners attended the meeting to review the work perfom so far, in which the state of the art has been assessed and tests have been defined, and receiver architecture and specifications have been devised.

GNSS-SDR v0.0.8 Released


A new version of GNSS-SDR has been released and tagged as ‘v0.0.8’. This is a maintenance and bug fix release with no relevant new processing-related features with respect to v0.0.7. However, it contains improvements in terms of updated compatibility with the ultimate releases of software dependencies in which we heavily rely upon, such as GNU Radio and VOLK, and in terms of portability: the software receiver can now be built on several new processor architectures. The complete list of supported processors now covers from embedded processors to computer mainframes, covering close to 100% of today's commercially available processor architectures:

  • Intel/AMD x86 instruction set (32 and 64 bits).
  • [PowerPC]: big-endian and little-endian, 32 and 64 bits.
  • [ARM: version v4t and above, including 64-bit ARMv8.
  • [MIPS: big-endian and little-endian, 32 and 64 bits.
  • IBM System z: IBM's architecture for mainframe computers.

The release also contains other minor bug fixes and updated documentation. This new version of the software-defined GNSS receiver has already been accepted in Debian testing, thus reinforcing its chances to be included in the next stable versions Debian 9 "stretch" and Ubuntu 16.09 Yakkety. A port is already available for Mac OS X.

With this release, GNSS-SDR consolidates its presence and continuity in the growingly vibrant scene of free and open source software radio ecosystem, as well as enlarging is applicability and number of potential users.

The Digital Object Identifier for this release is

As always, the action continues at our GitHub repository.

GNSS-SDR released as software package in popular GNU/Linux distributions.


GNSS-SDR, the open source GNSS software-defined receiver developed within AUDITOR, has been accepted as a software package in popular GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu. This is a dissemination achievement which ensures that AUDITOR’s research outcomes are effectively reaching the public audience under a free an open scheme, since it means that GNSS-SDR can be easily (and freely) installed in virtually any computer in the World. A single line in a terminal ("sudo apt-get install gnss-sdr") is enough to get all the software dependencies and the software receiver itself installed automatically in your system. This includes 32 and 64 bits architectures, as well as ARM-based devices.

Debian’s strict admission process guarantees that all files in the source code, as well as all other software dependencies, are adequately released under open source licenses that allow the free distribution of binaries. Software’s public distribution and availability is ensured by a robust network of server mirrors around the World. This opens GNSS-SDR to a much wider audience, which can revert in more external contributions, in form of bug detection, bug fixing, addition of new features, more testing, and generation of new ideas. It is likely that GNSS-SDR will be ported to other Debian-based Linux distributions, as happened with Ubuntu, making the software available to more users with specific needs.

For Mac OS X users, GNSS-SDR is also available through the Macports package manager ("sudo port install gnss-sdr").

The most recent software development snapshot can be found at the ’next’ branch of our GitHub repository

Links to GNSS-SDR packages:

In order to make GNSS-SDR more easily referenced, and to promote reproducible research, each software release gets a Digital Object Identifier provided by Zenodo. Latest GNSS-SDR release is v0.0.7 and its DOI is 10.5281/zenodo.51521.

AUDITOR Kick-off meeting was held in Santander, with the participation of all project partners.


On January 15th, the kick-off meeting of AUDITOR was held in Santander. All partners attend the meeting to launch this 24 month duration project, whose main objective is to develop an improved GNSS ground-based augmentation system and to deliver services in precision agriculture based on the new augmentation system

A fruitful discussion was initiated between the participant companies (ACORDE, ALPHA and DRAXIS) and research centers (CTTC, UPC, DGFI-TUM and DLO) and the first steps were made towards the system analysis and specification, in order to define the initial requirements. All partners are confident on the success of the project and expect to increase its product portfolio with the outcome of AUDITOR.